Saturday, 2 March 2013

About Us

I was chatting with Terry just now as I was checking out what was happening in the bloggin' world, I noticed I now have a follower here and told him excitedly just that ..

"ooh I have a follower on my other blog!!"

Terry: "How many blogs do you have now?"

"Only two, what do you think I am a blog addict?"

"Right ... who owns the thingy that you use to blog with?"

I have learnt a few things from this moment. One: my husband knows when to change a subject, I am not a blog addict .. yet. Then he told me how to find out all about who owns the thingy I have my blogs on, "type who is '' in the search bar' he says and when I did that I got a result that told me all about who they are. Interesting, I'll use that 'who is ...' thingy heaps I reckon.

The next thing I learnt was who Blogger really is ...

To paraphrase ...'Blogger was started by a tiny company in San Francisco called Pyra Labs in August of 1999.' and 'We were three friends, funded by doing annoying contract web projects for big companies, .... But while doing it, we created Blogger, more or less on a whim and thought — Hmmm...this is interesting.' You can find out what I found out here. It's pretty interesting that they started out so small and that Blogger wasn't what they set out to do from the start, it was kind of a sideline. And now look what it is. I'm sure I'm like a lot of other bloggers out there who get annoyed at the little bugs and mishaps that happen with blogger at times, but now that I've found out a bit about who they actually are I feel a bit more forgiving towards them. It's good to realise that the computer programs that we use are made and controlled by people too and that those people are human like the rest of us, sometimes things just don't go perfectly. I think that blogger is awesome, it's opened up a whole new world to a lot of people.

Right, so now that I've extolled all the virtues of Blogger (I wonder if they'll be nice to me now :-D) I'll just add a few photos that I took today with the new camera. I've been busy learning new stuff about it, one of the best things that I learnt today was all about the Dioptric Adjustment. This little wonder adjusts the view finder so I can look through it without my glasses and focus. Makes life so much easier!


  1. I've just finished catching up with all the postings for this new blog of yours, and know what you mean about feeling like you are starting a new phase of's so exciting when you discover a passion that makes you look forward to things again!

    1. It is Suzu. I'm sorry I took so long to reply, I've been busy with my other passion ... Bikes .. for the last couple of weeks. More on that soon, probably on both blogs :)

  2. Great new blog!
    I love blogger too, maybe I'm a bit of an addict too :) (I also have 2 blogs)
    Lovely pictures, the sunset is beautiful!
    Take care

    1. Thanks Bel :)

      I didn't realise you had another blog .. I have trouble with the link to your blog at times so I might have to try the other one and see if I can keep more up to date with your adventures.

  3. I've been addicted to blogging for a little while now, but there are certainly worse things to be addicted to!

    1. Hi aki :)

      Yep there are much worse things to be addicted to ... and so far I can actually leave the blogging for a while if I have something else to do .. not housework though, blogging comes before housework :-D