Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Biker Betty

Nope really I'm not confused, this isn't a bike related post and doesn't belong on The White Shadow Diary. This one is about Betty .. Betty Boop. I love Betty, she's so sexy. I was sitting round one night last week checking out eBay, and I browse all sorts of things, so Betty went into the search bar. It turned up a plethora of things Boop related but there was one thing that caught my eye. A cool pic of Betty as a biker chick ... ooh I like that! What is it .. oh it's a .. cross stitch?

Ted says Hi!!
Hmm I don't mind getting into all sorts of art and crafty things but I'm not really much of a sewer. I did a couple of tapestries when I was much younger, I even actually finished one I think .. a doily. I got bored on the second one in the set. I have made Teddy Bears, I finished three of those and gave the two biggest ones away to special people. The third lives with me still and gets into all sorts of mischief. But I still have a fourth Ted sitting in the back cupboard waiting to be put together. I get bored with sewing.

So .. I bought the Biker Boop cross stitch. Of course I did, I love Betty and she looks so cool in this design. It arrived today and I was kinda excited, I pulled open the package and took all the bits out. I was a bit put off by the fact that there was nothing printed on my piece of fabric, no design to follow .. hmm oh look a pattern to follow ... oh dear. 

OK I found the instruction sheet and worked it out. Then I sat down and managed to do about a dozen stitches before it got too dark to be able to see what I was doing properly. 

This is going to be fun!! I probably could have chosen an easier design for my first effort, not on a black background with a lot of black cotton, that is just about impossible to see on a good day, and maybe something bigger, with bigger stitches. But I think I actually will finish this one cause I like the design so much ... I dunno how long it's gonna take tho ...


  1. Awesome.

    As someone who has cross stitched since grade school and who's grandmother used to own a stitchery and yarn shop I can tell you the easiest way to do a pattern not already outlined on the fabric is to take the pattern to a copy place and have them enlarge it so you can tell the symbols apart for the different colors.

    Then use a highlighter to color in all the squares you've stitched. It really helps to keep track of what you've done and doesn't hurt the original pattern this way.

    If you are bored here is a post I did on a few of my stitchery projects.

    Good luck and have fun - it really is a cool looking Boop.

    1. Thanks for the tip Brandy, actually they sent an enlarged copy with the kit which was pretty cool but I pulled out a highlighter this morning.

      Wow your work has inspired me. I am more determined to finish this project now that i've seen your beautiful work.

      Thanks :) I will enjoy it. Oh do you use one of those hoop thingys, I was thinking that might make things easier.

    2. Thanks Brenda. I don't use a hoop things as I find they are so tight even after washing and ironing I can't always get the rings out. I use a scroll type frame on a stand like the one in this link:

      It is what my grandmother always used and also you can keep needles and your pattern handy by using small magnets one on each side of the cloth while in the scroll. They magnet together through the cloth and you can keep track of needles that way much easier - so when you get stopped with a bit of thread left it just sticks to the magnet until you are ready to sew again.

    3. Oh - and that stand I linked was a lap/table stand - the one I use is a floor stand but it hunches my back a bit. They probably have smaller ones for smaller projects too.

    4. Thanks Brandy, I'll definitely look for one of those and use the magnets too.