Saturday, 20 April 2013

Grasshoppers Like Chocolate Too

I got myself a Chocolate Cosmos last weekend. It isn't what you'd think, it's a flowering plant who's flowers smell like chocolate. When I saw it in the nursery I knew it was the plant for me and had to bring one home. I have since learnt that there are a lot of different varieties of flowers out there that smell like chocolate quite a few of them are native Australian plants too, it's just hard to find them in the nurseries so I'll have to keep looking. My ultimate plan is to have a chocolate scented heaven potted just outside my back door.

Now I'm not very good with plants so I'm being very careful about the few that I have potted this year, with that in mind I went out yesterday morning to carefully water each of them and check out whether any of them are turning heels up yet. As I was admiring the fantastic flowers on my Choc Cosmos I noticed that someone else is addicted to that heavenly scent.

I let him chew on that flower while I got some shots of him then chased him away, he'd already taken out half a petal which wasn't a bad effort for such a teensy fellow. Terry reckons he'll bring back his mates for a party but I think he listened to me when I told him that he couldn't have all of my flowers and will go find some daisies in the yard next door.

While we're talking bout bugs chomping on my plants I guess I should mention the army that came to feast on my lemon tree.

I'm sorry to say that these guys are getting treated a bit rougher than the grasshopper. But again not til after I get my photos.

And one last shot of the day, sometimes the sunsets here are truly amazing and one day last week as Terry and I relaxed out the back looking at the progress of the deck that we are in the process of building we were lucky enough to catch one of the best I've seen in a while.


  1. As much as I like flower and bug pictures I have to say I am awed at your sunset picture.

    Wow, we don't see anything quite that vivid here. Simply amazing.

    1. Yeah it's something else eh?!?! We do get pretty stunning sunsets here at times but that one was something else and I dont think I'll see anything quite like it any time soon. This shot was right at the end of it, the sky just kept getting redder and redder but it wasn't covering as much of the sky as it started out with, not a minute later all was just plain old cloudyness again.

      I still love the bug tho .. who wouldn't :-D