Sunday, 11 November 2012

Gizmo the Amazing Puppy ... Relaxing

When we got to Mudgee the other day Terry had stuff to do at council .. boring work stuff. Mudgee seems to be full of cool little coffee shops and boutiques stuffed with middle aged country women's wear that is kinda scary but you never know what you will find eh. So my plan was to browse around the shops, maybe find a cafe with a table outside that me and Gizmo could park at.

It wasn't to happen ... When we got to Mudgee we had nearly an hour to spare before hubby's appointment so we decided to lunch together. We found a cafe with a table that Gizmo could sit at and not annoy other people .. and she was really very good ... and we had a nice little lunch and some great coffee. I kinda looked at some shops while Terry paid the bill but then decided that I didn't really want to shop. Gizmo agreed and it was decided that we would go hang out in the park across the road while Terry had his appointment. Luckily I had my book with me .. and my camera.

We found this lovely little arbour with a comfy looking bench.

So I made myself comfy there with my book, and before too long Gizmo did too.

I was just daydreaming .. this is what I was looking at most of the time, the book was mostly for show.

It was just too relaxing ... wasn't it Giz?

She snuggled up next to my legs and watched the world go by ...

This is the first time she's been allowed to sit so close to me since she was a puppy, she's been banned from getting on lounges and chairs since she got too big for my lap ... I think she was really loving this :)

Yes ...

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