Monday, 26 November 2012

What I Saw at the River Recently

Gizmo the amazing Staffy and I have been taking leisurely strolls by the river in the afternoon for the last couple of weekends. Here's some of the stuff we've seen.

A Sandy Beach (yes that's what it's called) complete with a fisherman on a log and kids in swimming togs.


A river with water and rocks and trees.

Some Cockatoos playing round.

A really big Tree ( I think these are River Red Gums).

Some Galahs just sitting round.


  1. Your photos are beautiful. They remind me so much of my australian road trip I did this year!

  2. Thanks Bel, yes these photos are pretty well the quintessential Australian Outback scenes so they would bring back memories I bet. I'm glad you enjoyed them :)