Friday, 16 November 2012

This is a Random Thought

Well I started up this blog a week ago, I was thinking it would just be somewhere to stick my pics that aren't bike related but that I like enough to want to share. Then I thought about that, and I realise that I promised not to clutter this blog up with words but, I decided that there are stories to go with some of those pics that just have to be told. Then I also realised that sometimes I have something to say, it may not be thrilling, stop the world stuff .. a lot of the time it's pretty likely to be nonsense that no one is interested in 'cept me, but well why not share those thoughts too. So the nature of this blog has evolved.

I changed the name, do you mention that in the blog when you do it to the blog? I'm not quite sure of the etiquette here. I came up with this whole idea when I was in the shower this morning, it's amazing how many of my great ideas are born in the shower, I think it's because it's a place where I'm completely relaxed and can just let my mind wander. And I realised that the name of the blog wasn't going to fit so I came up with a new name too. It's early enough in this little blogs career for a name change I thought. I'm just not sure whether I'm supposed to mention it, or do I just change it and pretend that it was always like this. Wow I don't even remember what the first name was now, and I only changed it half an hour ago!

So this is a random thought, something that really doesn't need to be shared but I've thought of it so I'm going to share whether you like it or not. I don't normally do that, I'm not usually one of those people who will share their thoughts, I feel shy and nervous that others will think that what I have to share isn't worth knowing or sharing, so I normally keep it to myself. 'Cept to my long suffering husband who gets all the rants and raves and random shit that goes through my head all day that I've been bottling up. So this is a way to share and I don't have to feel that I'm forcing my ramblings on you cause if you don't like it you won't have even got his far I'm sure.

Some days I really feel like writing stuff down but I haven't cause I didn't have anywhere to write it, unless it was in my diary which is pathetically empty really. I always start those things with the best of intentions and then after a week or so they just fade away to nothings. But the thoughts are still there, and now they'll be here. Think I've made the point yet? ..... yep 'tis now officially a ramble!!

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