Sunday, 11 November 2012

Post Number One!!

Well this is kinda exciting!! I have another blog, started about December last year just after I bought myself a motorbike and started learning how to ride. That's a whole other story and if your interested go over and have a look. What's going on here is just a bit of nonsense really, I've found that I've got all these pictures of stuff that's not really bike related but they are things that I'd like to share. I've thought about posting on the bike blog with them (and I have with a couple of things) but well ... it just doesn't feel right, so I'm starting up a new blog.

How exciting!! I said that before didn't I?

I promise I'm not going to clutter this one up with a bunch of words like I do with the shadow blog sometimes. This is just going to be about the pictures ... well with some short explanations maybe.

So the first post has to be exciting doesn't it ... something thrilling and that will make you all gasp!!

Oh well I'll just show you a few of the pics I took on a recent trip Terry and I made to Mudgee the other day with Gizmo the amazing puppy in the back seat.

We had to stop in a place called Dunedoo on the way to see a client of hubby's, this is the street we eventually found his house in, this is pretty much the middle of town, the main street is bout 5 or 6 blocks that way. Yes that's a goat watching every move we make.

He so wanted to come play with us!!

I took off with Gizmo while hubby did his work thing, we went down to the main street to get a drink and eat a muffin I had stashed earlier in the car. We shared, then went for a wander down the street.

We found these silo's, I don't think these ones are used anymore.

It looks pretty derelict but looks can be deceiving can't they.

Across the road from the silos was this pub.

With signs like this across the front of it.

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